Hello, my name is Dan and I make DANIEL'S Handmade Caramels.
If you have recently tasted my caramels and are looking to purchase more,
I am delighted, and will do my best to make this simple.
I have been making Caramels for over twenty years,
but I am new to selling them, please bear with me.

Where to buy Daniel's handmade Caramels:
2018 Issaquah Farmers Market
2018 Mercer Island Farmers Market
2018 Juanita Park Farmers Market

When to buy Daniel's handmade Caramels:
Copyright 2018 Dan Engler All rights reserved.
May 5th Issaquah
May 19th Issaquah
June 1 Juanita
June 2 Issaquah
June 3 Mercer Island

June 14 Juanita
June 15 Issaquah
June 16 Mercer Island

June 29 Juanita
June 30 Issaquah

July 1 Mercer Island

July 13th Juanita
July 14th Issaquah

July 22 Mercer Island

July 27th Juanita
July 28th Issaquah

August 10 Juanita
August 11 Issaquah
Ausust 12 Mercer Island

Ausgust 24th Juanita
August 25th Issaquah

Sept 2nd Mercer Island

Sept 7th Juanita
Sept 8th Issaquah

Sept 16 Mercer Island