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Caramels Caramels Caramels

About Us

Hand wrapped caramels in soy based wax paper


I started making caramels for family and friends in 1994, as a simple handmade gift for the holidays, sending along pictures of our children as they grew. I recently decided to see what the general public thought of my caramels.  I have participated in local farmers markets in the Seattle area and the response has been tremendous.  People asked how they could buy Daniel's Handmade Caramels when the farmers markets closed for the year. How could they buy my caramels conveniently online? 

Dimples in caramels lets you know they are fresh.



The color in the Northwest is constant and subtle. The grey skies allow my eyes to remain wide open and take in the color that survives year round in the evergreens that blanket the sharp hills.  

Daniel's Handmade Caramels are a simple product of sugars and butter and cream cooked until the sugars caramelize and  produce a warm caramel color. They cool for a day are cut to size and hand wrapped in a soy wax paper.  Those little dimples are put there to make you smile.




I have been humbled by the delight shown to me by the thousands of customers who have tasted my caramels.  I had no idea the number of "caramel-heads" out there.  Adults stand in front of me and close their eyes as they savor the caramel with long slow chews. I caution children to take small bites, it lasts longer. They nibble once, then drop the whole cube in their mouths with a smile!

Go figure.